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Ali Ardekani

[of IMAN Youth Group, California; this was written after his father's heart attack. --Editor]

it's hard for a boy
to watch his mother cry
as he sits down
on his father's death bed
watching his father die
tear drops falls from his son's eyes
because he knows the truth doesn't lie
his father lived a messed up life
and now it's too late
because now it's time to say good by
and as for myself
I thank Allah for showing me
the path of life, of struggle
that I have shown to be
it's a battle for a muslim to live the American life
because every muslim lives in a struggle
a struggle beginning from his birth
to the end of his life
I used to ask myself
didn't really care if I lived or if I died
I came to a point in my life that I was ready
to commit suicide
but Allah opened my eyes
and to Him
I dedicate the rest of my life
and to Allah
I praise upon Him
thank you for the Holy Prophet
my brother Mohammad
peace be upon him
these days I find myself ready to do anything
just to get a piece of Muslim unity
Allah has notified me
and I find myself teaching
through me, myself & my poetry
I try to teach my people Islam & peace
but it seems that these days
everyone wants to live like kings & queens
but as for myself
only Allah could be a King to me
and if Allah is in me then the King I'll be
and for the Muslims who were here before me
I'll keep the war fighting
in the name of Allah
Bes-meh law-he rahman-a raheem

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