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I Warn You!

Hamid Algar

"There may be those that might be in the audience who are offended by what I have said concerning the church and concerning Jews as such, but I tell you as a Muslim, as a Muslim living in this so-called Judeo-Christian country: I am tired. Wallahil-azeem, I am tired. I am tired of people talking nonsense, I am tired of hypocrisy, I am tired, I am tired. And Muslims across the world are very tired. And when we get tired, when our tolerance and our patience is abused, is pushed beyond limit; when not only we are slaughtered, but then we are insulted and called fundamentalists and terrorists and extremists and God knows what. Then I tell you it is too much, I tell you it is too much, I tell you it is too much... Malcolm X, the greatest man that this country has ever produced, maybe the only true great man that this modern history has ever produced... do you remember what he said when President Kennedy was assassinated? "Chickens came home to roost," and I tell you, if matters continue the way they are, not only the chickens will come home to roost, vultures will come home to roost! I warn you!"

March 2, 1994 a lecture on Bosnia at University of California at Davis.

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