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Muslims in Edinburgh, Scotland

Hamid Oral

Useful Addresses:
The Central Mosque, 50 Potterrow, tel: 031-667 0140
The Muslim's House, 59 Lauriston Place, tel: 031-229 5212

Study Circles: Weekly study circles are held in Arabic, English, and Urdu at the Central Mosque. There are study circles for children as well.

Islamic Outreach: Distribution of leaflets and literature on Islamic is carried on as a weekly effort on Princes Street.

Student Organizations: Edinburgh University Muslim Student's Association, 35 members, received 100 grant last year. Heriot-Watt University Muslim Student's Association, over 100 members, received 500 grant last year.

Publications: Friday Message, a weekly newsletter, distribution of 150 copies a week.

Educational Programs: Arabic school, to learn the language of Qur'an, for children only.

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