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Some Facts about Central Asian Republics

Soner Yamen

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The people of Uzbekistan, Turkmenia, Kazakstan, Kirghizia, Azerbaijan and other Central Asian Republics have a brilliant and glorious history. Many of the great scholars were born, bred, and educated in these lands: Imam Bukhari, al-Tabari, Ibn Sina, al-Farabi (a well known Muslim philosopher who mastered, perhaps too much, the thinkers of Athens), Abu Zayd al-Dabusi (the great Hanafite jurist from "land beyond the River Oxus" in Samarkand), al-Bayruni (a multi-faceted scholar who laid the foundation for modern geology and astronomy, gifting the world with an accurate method to determine latitude and longitude, investigated the relative speeds of sound and light, and -- 600 years before Galileo -- discussed the possibility of the earth rotating around its own axis), and many others like al-Maturidi, Abu Layth al Samarkandi, al Shashi, and al-Nasafi. It is a great source of anxiety and disturbance, however, to reflect on the historical illiteracy prevalent regarding the Islamic legacy in Central Asia. Following are some facts about Central Asian Republics:

Bygones are bygones... We have to look at what we have now. If we look at the capacity of these lands and people today, I am very optimistic for the future. What we need is a young generation of high quality people and a new leadership. We need leaders who trust themselves, their people, and their heritage only...

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