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Volume 1, No 2, Spring 1991 [back]

Thank You!

Hasan H. Erkaya

Alhamdulillah, we are with you with the second issue of anadolu. I would like to thank all of you who responded to anadolu by sending comments, suggestions, recommendations, literary as well as monetary contributions. May Allah reward you for your efforts.

In the first issue, I explained our purpose for publishing anadolu (see "Statement of Purpose," Feb 91). As editors, we will try to accomplish that purpose. However, it is up to the readers and writers what kind of a magazine anadolu is going to be.

anadolu is a nonprofit magazine, and it is prepared by volunteers. Nobody is paid to write the articles, to edit them, to prepare for printing, to fold, or to lick the postal stamps! That, however, does not mean it is going to be an "amateur" magazine. We are determined to do a professional job and expect the payment in the Hereafter.

Yet, we have two basic expenses: the printing and mailing cost. Our subscription fee is very small and symbolic. It is not that we cannot find few people to pay the printing bill, but rather we want participation. We would like to see everybody who receives anadolu taking part in its production and distribution. Imagine your .00 subscription fee is like the little bit of salt you shook on your soup at the iftar when you were breaking your fast! Somebody went through the trouble of preparing the soup, yet that little bit of salt brought a lot of taste to it. Need I say more? You will find our address on the last page.

Please enjoy anadolu and let us know how you feel about it.

Peace be with you.

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