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Statement of Pupose

Hasan H. Erkaya

In The Name of Allah, The Merciful, The Compassionate.

As-salamu aleykum!

Dear brothers and sisters,

anadolu is a news and views magazine to be published quarterly in the United States, insha-Allah. Our purpose is to communicate with the Turkish Muslim community, to inform the community of what is happening in various parts of the world, to provide an environment to discuss various issues with an Islamic perspective, and to keep "Muslim opinion" alive; therefore, to keep the Turkish Muslim community active and alive.


This news magazine is to be a source of information. Since it is called a "news and views magazine," we thought, it ought to have some "news." The news includes, but not limited to, the Muslim community news, local news, national and international news, and, who knows one day, interplanetary news. We would also like to have editorials in anadolu. These editorials can be on current events, on some specific subject, or just to bring attention to a specific matter.

In addition to the editorials, introductory articles on cultures, countries, personalities, health, technology, and similar subjects are to be printed, too. Under these categories, verses from Qur'an and samples of Hadith in relation to our lives are to be included.

anadolu can also include interviews with a brother or sister or even with a well-known Muslim leader. It should have sections for letters from readers, announcements, advertisements, food, movie review, cartoons, classifieds, and alike.

Our audience is essentially Turkish Muslims. It includes grown-ups as well as kids! We would like to have at least one page for young Muslims. They can tell us what is going on at their school, kindergarten, in the park, in the mall, in the Mosque, on the street... They are our future! To be included on the young Muslims' page is some informative entertainment and fun. The articles to be published in anadolu can be written in English or Turkish. As a matter of fact, you will find almost all articles written in Turkish in this introductory issue.

Personnel and organization

We have four editors for anadolu. Articles may be submitted any of the editors for publication. anadolu needs news reporters. Anybody who has some information to share with the members of our community can be a news reporter. The only thing one has to do is to write it on a piece of paper or on a computer diskette and send it in! We would like to have the name and the telephone number of the reporter so that we can verify the news and thank him or her for the information. We encourage everybody to write for anadolu.

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